Nick Is Running For Denver City Council District 7

September 15, 2022

Earlier this year, a Leadership Denver classmate told me to make a bold step forward. So I’m going to follow her words and take one of the biggest steps in my life…

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Denver City Council District 7. The reason why I am running is that my purpose is to serve others and communities and I want to use my purpose to make an impact in Denver and especially in District 7. If you are in Denver District 7, other areas of Denver, the US, or the world, I would appreciate your support by going to

Using my leadership experiences and my passions, I will keep moving District 7 and Denver forward. As a member of the Colorado Air National Guard, I have served our country so everyone can have a life of freedom and feel safe. As a leader for 1 Million Cups and Denver Founders, I have created a strong entrepreneurial community. As a CEO of multiple software companies, I have empowered teammates, addressed customer problems, and established key partnerships. In addition, my passions include building strong communities, helping the unhoused, tackling environmental issues, promoting sustainable living, and supporting local businesses.

I believe we can make District 7 and Denver a place where we can feel safe at any time of the day, where neighbors support each other, where it’s affordable to live, where basic human needs are met, where it can be accessible without a car, and where we live in support of our planet. If you believe in this realistic, attainable vision for the future, please support me, so we can work together to make this dream a reality.

Right now, I need fundraising support to build my campaign. Running a campaign is like running a business so I have expenses to cover. If you (US residents) can make a donation of any amount, I would really appreciate it. For Denver residents, please donate by Sept 30th, so I can be Fair Election Fund eligible for the next payment round where your donation is matched at 9:1 up to $50! (ex. $5 becomes $45)

Thank you for everyone’s support. You are awesome! Please go to to make a donation. I believe I can win and with your support, I will. #denverdistrict7 #runningforoffice #excited #denver

Keep Moving District 7 Forward

Get Nick His First Tattoo

Nick wants to be District 7's Council member and is willing to put "skin in the game" by getting his FIRST tattoo that resembles District 7. Email your tattoo design! And when Nick wins, he will pick his favorite!
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Disclaimer: Use of NIck Campion's (he/him) military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply an endorment from the Colorado Air National Guard or the Department of Defense.
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