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I love living in Denver and District 7. I moved here 8 years ago to join Colorado Air National Guard as an F-16 aircraft maintainer and get my MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder (skobuffs!). After my MBA, I became a software CEO for 3 different software companies and a leader in the Denver Startup and Sustainability community. In addition, I am an advocate for the unhoused and have seen firsthand the failed patchwork approach the city has done to address the issue.

I am running for Denver City Council District 7 because I am driven to end homelessness, make Denver affordable again, and reduce our emissions so future generations have a planet to live on. As an entrepreneur and servant leader, who challenges the status quo, values analyzing problems, understanding the user experience, building partnerships, creating agile solutions, and focusing on outcomes, I will lead the charge to bring homelessness to functional zero by collaborating with partners, agencies, organizations, and leaders together to pull resources and address this issue as one team.

In addition, I will listen to all constituents and be the voice of District 7 to Denver’s agencies, the City Council, and the mayor. I will be accessible to residents and visible with my work to hold myself accountable. I am excited about the opportunity to serve District 7, turn hope into change, provide opportunities, and empower others all to make an impact in Denver.

Nick In Action

Nick's Story


Hi. My name is Nick Campion and I’m running for City Council District 7.

Speaking to you today is a bit surreal because I grew up with a speech and learning disability. I mumbled a lot and was a poor test taker. One time in the 1st grade, I was speaking infront of the school and I mumbled the whole time. The only person that could understand me in the room was my older sister. She came up besides me and told the school word for word what I said.

I learned that day that sometimes we all need someone in our corner. pause for effect Through hard work, resources, and the help of others, I was able to overcome these obstacles.

Fast forward, because of this support, I got an MBA from CU Boulder, joined the military, and became a software CEO for 3 successful companies. Outside of work, I put others’ interests before mine. You can find me volunteering weekly to support either entrepreneurs, the planet, or the unhoused.

As a servant leader whose life’s purpose is to serve others, the community, and the planet, I am running for Denver City Council District 7 to make Denver work for everyone where unhoused individuals are not dying on the streets, where you can afford to live here, where you feel safe, where we are supporting the planet so future generations can enjoy it, and where basic services are reliable.

As an entrepreneur and problem solver who challenges the status quo, analyzes problems, and focuses on outcomes, I will lead the charge to bring homelessness to functional zero by bringing agencies, organizations, and leaders together to pull resources and address this issue as one team.

In addition, I am committed to building communities. I helped grow two entrepreneurial communities here in Denver, I’ve been involved with various sustainability and unhoused communities, and I want to be involved in the communities in District 7. For example, I was the only candidate part of the Broadway Halloween Parade where I had 10 volunteers and myself dress up as cows, and passed out candy while telling everyone that I wanted to keep District 7 mooooving forward. And if elected I will keep that parade active.

I would like to point out how my experiences have and will help Denver. I helped small businesses by supporting over 200 entrepreneurs by giving them a platform for them to get feedback and provide resources so they can grow. And I am a strong advocate for workers rights. I hired employees giving fair wages and healthy working conditions.

I want be the Council member that you see at all the events, I want to be the council member that is accessible to its constituents, and I want to be the council member that you say is accountable. And to be accountable, I will be visible to constituents by displaying online what is being worked on, what has been accomplished, and what is in the to do list.

Just like I need someone in my corner, and I want be that person for district 7. Please to go to learn more about my campaign. And on April 4, vote for a champion and elect Nick Campion.

Nick's Priorities

  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Public Safety
  • Environment
  • Transportation
  • Basic Services
  • District 7

Denver’s patchwork solution to homelessness isn’t working. We need to come together as a region and get the data to work towards bringing homelessness to functional zero. And the housing and renting market is no longer affordable for most residents in Denver where 30% of your income goes towards housing. We need to remove permitting barriers to bring housing quickly to market and build in a way that works for neighborhoods and not for developers.

From car thefts to petty crime, Denver has seen an increase in crime recently. Residents deserve better. Within the current budget, we need to bring the police force up to full capacity with diverse and culturally trained officers. In addition, we need to address the root causes of crime to see long-term changes.
The environment is changing for the worse and Denver needs to be a city leader in sustainability for other cities to follow. As a city, we need to reduce our emissions through energy efficiency in buildings, enabling next-generation mobility, and improving waste management so future generations have a planet they can enjoy.

Denver was built for cars. However, we are turning into a city where residents want to live without a car and be able to use trains, buses, bicycles, and sidewalks to get around. Denver needs to make streets safer, improve bicycle infrastructure, and make public transportation reliable.

If a city can’t provide basic services, residents aren’t going to trust the city to do bigger projects. Let’s make Denver’s services reliable and bring trust back to government.

You live in District 7, so let’s get projects done in District 7.

Yes/No Questions

Park Hill Golf Course

I am a No on 20.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. Westside developers. While I do believe we need more development in Denver to handle the housing crisis, we need to be working with trustworthy developers that are helping the city’s needs and not their deep pockets.
  2. Keep green space. We need to avoid building on green space as much as possible because once we build on it we will never get it back.
  3. False narrative. I believe we can do both with a beautiful park and affordable housing development in the area.
LGBTQ+ Community

I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and I’m grateful to live in a state with so many legal protections for my LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. However, recent events have shown how much work we still have to do as a community to guarantee equity for all our residents. From the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, to the recent passing of activist Kayleigh Scott in Englewood, statewide protections alone cannot guarantee the safety and well-being of our LGBTQ+ communities. Denver must be a place that is welcoming and inclusive to all, regardless of who you are or who you love. City Council has an important role in bringing communities together and taking a firm stance against hate and extremism within our city. I’m excited to work with our LGBTQ+ communities and organizations to make sure we are living up to our ideals.

Safe Outdoor Spaces

I am a Yes on Safe Outdoor Spaces.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. Reduces crime.
  2. Alternative to shelters for those with a partner, kids, or pets.
  3. Takes unhoused individuals off the streets and into a secure location.
  4. Allows the city and organizations know where unhoused individuals are located which makes it easier to provide resources such as mental health and housing.
Unhoused Sweeps

I do not support unhoused sweeps.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. Ineffective. We have been doing sweeps for the past 10 years and the unhoused issue has only gotten worse. Sweeps move individuals around with no solution.
  2. Makes it harder to find unhoused individuals. When we sweep encampments, we lose track of where individuals are living which makes it harder for social workers to find them to get them the services they need such as housing.
  3. Causes trauma. Forcing individuals to pack up their items in the middle of the night in a high-stress situation, leads to trauma and sometimes death.
  4. Loss of property. When we sweep encampments, individuals lose their property and sometimes identity which makes it harder for them to trust and/or navigate through the system to get help.

Alternative: Build more temporary solutions such as Safe Outdoor Spaces, shelters, and converted motels to get individuals off the streets. In addition, have social workers work with encampments to build trust and provide regional services.
Former U.S. Diplomat

Byron Kominek

I’ve known Nick for about 5 years now and he has always had the energy and enthusiasm of ten people. Nick is kind and good hearted trying to figure out how best to help his community. I believe if Nick is elected, he’ll use his endless energy and contagious enthusiasm to learn from District 7 to better represent his neighbors in Denver’s City Council. If you don’t believe me, just schedule a coffee with him and you’ll see for yourself.
Senior Production Manager

Nicole Verheye

Nick was my manager on one of my first opportunities working in a new industry. I was so grateful for his knowledge, his patience in teaching me the ropes and his dad jokes to keep us laughing through the tough days. Nick is an incredibly hard worker and not only did he help guide our team to break all previous records, but he helped give me the tools I needed to thrive independently. Nick has proven to be a consistent source of support both in the workplace and as a friend.

Sales Engineer

Ben Pitts

Leadership. Integrity. Service.

ON APRIL 4TH, 2023
"What does a horse look for when voting? A stable economy!"

Nick's Vision


I am a member of the Colorado Air National Guard because I believe everyone in the world deserves a life of freedom.

I am a software company CEO and entrepreneurial organization leader because I believe we all want to grow and be part of a community.

I am a volunteer, serving those experiencing homelessness because I believe everyone should have access to basic human needs.

I am an active member of various climate-focused groups because I believe we all deserve a healthy planet with clean water and air.

I also believe our communities need to be safe and affordable, so everyone can reach their potential. Unfortunately, my beliefs are not a reality for many Denverites in District 7, and that angers me.

And this is why I, Nick Campion, am running for Denver’s City Council District 7.

I believe we need to start by growing stronger communities in the 7 neighborhoods of District 7. Where we support our neighbors, watch our neighborhoods, support our local business, volunteer at community organizations, and where celebrate various arts and cultures.

I believe we can make District 7 a place where we can feel safe at any time of the day, where it’s affordable to live, accessible without a car, and we live in support of our planet.

If you believe in this realistic, attainable vision for the future, please vote for me, so we can work together to make this dream a reality.

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Scooping Ice Cream at 2022 Baker Ice Cream Social

Campaigning at 2022 Broadway Halloween Parade

Serving the Unhoused with Headwaters Protectors

Urban Nights Charity Event for Urban Peak

Community Dinner Before the Moth Storying Telling Event

Friendsgiving Charity Event at The Table Public House

Speaking at City Council

Speaking at City Council for Expanded Waste Services×-400.png

Leadership Denver Food Container Project×-400.png

Halloween Platte River Cleanup×-400.png

Marching on Earth Day (E=Nick)×-400.png

Charity Golf Event with Leadership Denver×-400.png

Leadership Denver Climate Change Group×-400.png

Emceeing at 1 Million Cups Denver×-400.png

Planting trees with the Park People

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