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About Nick

Nick Campion is a former software CEO, member of the Colorado Air National Guard, and sustainability advocate with a passion to serve others, the community, and the planet. In addition, he puts others’ interests before his. You can find Nick volunteering weekly to support either entrepreneurs, the planet, or the unhoused.

Nick is running for Denver City Council District 7 to make Denver work for everyone and to keep District 7 moving forward. As an entrepreneur who values analyzing problems, creating solutions, asking for feedback, testing, and iterating, he will bring innovation to a city that desperately needs results addressing the city’s major issues such as the unhoused, affordable housing, and sustainability. Using his experience managing employees and building partnerships, Nick will hold Denver’s executive branch and agencies accountable to deliver real results to keep District 7 moving forward.

Nick's Vision


I am a member of the Colorado Air National Guard because I believe everyone in the world deserves a life of freedom.

I am a software company CEO and entrepreneurial organization leader because I believe we all want to grow and be part of a community.

I am a volunteer, serving those experiencing homelessness because I believe everyone should have access to basic human needs.

I am an active member of various climate-focused groups because I believe we all deserve a healthy planet with clean water and air.

I also believe our communities need to be safe and affordable, so everyone can reach their potential. Unfortunately, my beliefs are not a reality for many Denverites in District 7, and that angers me.

And this is why I, Nick Campion, am running for Denver’s City Council District 7.

I believe we need to start by growing stronger communities in the 7 neighborhoods of District 7. Where we support our neighbors, watch our neighborhoods, support our local business, volunteer at community organizations, and where celebrate various arts and cultures.

I believe we can make District 7 a place where we can feel safe at any time of the day, where it’s affordable to live, accessible without a car, and we live in support of our planet.

If you believe in this realistic, attainable vision for the future, please vote for me, so we can work together to make this dream a reality.

Nick's Priorities

Unhoused Assistance

The unhoused population continues to increase in Denver.  The US is one of the richest countries in the world and we have individuals living on the street. This is not acceptable. Housing is right and we need to do better.


Affordable Housing

Denver residents are struggling to keep up with housing costs and find affordable housing as stated on page 5 of the Department of Housing Stability Action Plan.


  • Zoning reform allowing for more duplexes, triplexes, and ADUs throughout the city.
  • Increase dense housing near public transportation with specific requirements for affordable housing and increase affordable housing requirements in the Expanding Housing Affordability policy.
  • Speed up permitting process by creating “Pattern Zoning” which are pre-approved building plans for homes and ADUs that developers can use.
  • Income-restricted areas in neighborhoods, particularly near schools, hospitals, and within one mile of bus/rail transit for middle-class workers.
Safer Neighborhoods

From car thefts to petty crime, Denver has seen an increase in crime recently. Residents deserve better.


  • Increase police staffing to 100% from 90% by creating incentives to attract high-quality candidates.
  • Increase civic engagement by working with neighborhoods to increase awareness about crime prevention and participation in events.
  • Expand the Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) Program to deal with issues related to mental health, homelessness, and substance abuse which will free up police resources.
Climate Action

The planet is getting hotter every decade and needs our help. Denver needs to reduce our emissions, so future generations have a planet they can enjoy.


  • Commit to Denver’s 80×50 Climate Action Plan from 2018.
    • Optimizing energy efficiency in buildings
    • Decarbonizing the electricity grid
    • Enabling next-generation mobility
    • Improving waste management
  • Expand Denver’s green business and workforce with a just transition focus.
  • Employ regulations and policies that protect Denver communities from the harmful effects of ozone pollution.
People First Transportation

Denver was built for cars. However, we are turning into a city where residents want to live without a car and be able to use trains, buses, bicycles, and sidewalks to get around. The plans to address our transportation issues have been developed by Denver with Blueprint Denver and Mobility Action Plan. We need to make the city agencies accountable and give them the support they need to make these plans happen.


Reliable Basic Services

If a city can’t provide basic services, residents aren’t going to trust the city to do bigger projects. Let’s make Denver’s services reliable and bring trust back to government.


  • Fill Denver staffing shortages by offering competitive salaries and benefits and create positive and purposeful work culture with strong leaders.
  • Increase funding for more public restrooms and water fountains.
  • Create a Resident Neighborhood Organization Agency (RNO) to support all Denver RNOs with funding and centralize and standardize information.


I’ve known Nick for about 5 years now and he has always had the energy and enthusiasm of ten people. Nick is kind and good hearted trying to figure out how best to help his community. I believe if Nick is elected, he’ll use his endless energy and contagious enthusiasm to learn from District 7 to better represent his neighbors in Denver’s City Council. If you don’t believe me, just schedule a coffee with him and you’ll see for yourself.

Nick was my manager on one of my first opportunities working in a new industry. I was so grateful for his knowledge, his patience in teaching me the ropes and his dad jokes to keep us laughing through the tough days. Nick is an incredibly hard worker and not only did he help guide our team to break all previous records, but he helped give me the tools I needed to thrive independently. Nick has proven to be a consistent source of support both in the workplace and as a friend.

Leadership. Integrity. Service.

ON APRIL 4TH, 2023

Be A Member Of Team Nick

Nick is participating in Denver's Fair Election Fund which limits US donations to $200. Invest in Denver by donating to Nick to keep District 7 moving forward!

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Scooping Ice Cream at 2022 Baker Ice Cream Social

Campaigning at 2022 Broadway Halloween Parade

Serving the Unhoused with Headwaters Protectors

Urban Nights Charity Event for Urban Peak

Community Dinner Before the Moth Storying Telling Event

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Charity Golf Event with Leadership Denver×-400.png

Leadership Denver Climate Change Group×-400.png

Supporting DCPA for the 2022 Pride Parade×-400.png

Emceeing at 1 Million Cups Denver×-400.png

Planting trees with the Park People

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